About us

Solutions for recycling complex polymer waste

The Yes Recycling Group provide bespoke, fully-managed recycling solutions for complex polymer waste-streams. 

We specialise in filmed plastics which can often be heavily printed, can frequently comprise multiple polymer types, and may contain mineral layers and metallic or thermoset inclusions. We also specialise in rigid plastics.
We work in long-term partnership with our clients, both in the UK and internationally, to design, build and operate systems to recycle a wide range of complex polymer waste-streams. 
Our solutions are always tailor-made to match clients’ individual waste-streams and therefore, regrettably, we do not work with “one-off” batches of material.


The Yes Recycling group’s directors have significant experience building and running polymer recycling plants, as well as other large-scale industrial operations. They have made several ground-breaking innovations in the field of reprocessing contaminated, mixed-polymer and, between them, hold a number of granted patents.
With a wide-ranging arsenal of know-how and technologies to call upon, Yes Recycling can recover complex polymer waste and turn it back into reusable raw material, suitable for injection-moulding applications.

A cleaner, smarter future

If you are reading this, the chances are that you’re already searching for solutions to reduce your environmental impact, as well as associated production costs.  

Yes Recycling are here to support you in this transition towards a cleaner, smarter future.
Please call for a confidential dialogue about your plans and how we can help.